The Best Upgrades For Your Dodge Suspension

Being a proud owner of a Dodge truck, you’d already know how important the suspension is when it comes to drive quality especially when you drive over the bumps. Did you also know that it is the suspension that prevents slouching at the rear when you carry heavy loads & enhance your truck’s braking and cornering abilities?

A perfectly functioning suspension setup can only keep the tires in optimum condition making the grip contact effective thereby bringing more power output from the engine.

When do I have to upgrade the suspension parts of my Dodge?

When it’s time to change the suspension parts, your truck will start showing signs including creaking or squealing sounds while navigating the bumps or bad patches. This is nothing short of a warning that you have got a problem with your shocks, springs, bushings, or any other related parts. Other common signs include the height of your truck being compromised. If your truck shows any of these signs, know that it’s time to change the suspension parts.

To get that smooth ride experience back, you would need to tweak some of the setups or replace the damaged parts. If you were to change any of the parts, remember that you’ve immense customization options to enhance your driving experience.

This article will discuss the possible upgrades you can do on your Dodge’s suspension.

  1. Shock absorber upgrade

Upgrading the shocks is one of the most plausible of the upgrades to do. But you should be aware of the fact that going with an aggressive option would get things even worse.

To our expertise, Bilstein shocks fit into the right box and need no introduction to truck enthusiasts. A larger diameter shocks than the most popular OEM shocks especially of the Dodge which adds to the stability and longevity of the suspension set up. These are zinc or nickel-plated to prevent oxidation and corrosion.

It comes with a mono-tube design rather than a dual-tube design to make sure that the heat is transferred efficiently from the inner walls to the outside environment. The fluid is in contact with the outer wall of the shock body and hence it cools faster than its counterparts of the same piston size.

They are known for their tuning efficiency since their advent in the market as they fit in perfectly to the needs of a truck driver. If you are to tune the compression and rebound timing of the shocks, gas pressure, or the stroke length of the shock, you are not going to be disappointed with the process.

  1. Lift kit

Rather than going for a body lift these days, suspension lifts are the best investments for your truck to get that additional ground clearance. A change from your stock one should bring that extra smoothness on the roads and off the roads much alike. If the latter is more likely to be your priority, then you must have an excellent addition in that aspect.

You must get the right size kit to get the most out of that spring helper and fancy shocks you bought in. It would be just a polyurethane insert for a coil spring suspension and if it is a leaf spring, it would be a shim that fits in where the spring connects to the axle.

That’s why we take pride in recommending the DT dual FOX suspension lift kit which is much firmer than the stock making the drive much more controlled and tighter. It's just a matter of 4 hours when you consider installing them onto your truck which is quite an easy task done considering a normal paint job will take you that time.

  1. Steering damper

It is one of the most underrated accessories that you can consider. Whenever you hit a bump that deflects your front tire the front end tends to move freely which in this case is quite risky.

It uses the same idea as that of your normal vertical suspension, here in this case the side-to-side motion is constrained with the oil in a tube controlling the excessive turn created on the axle by damping. As linear dampers are popular and one of the most successful dampers for trucks it would help the driver to have an understanding of the road condition and the stability of the truck.

  1. Additional helper springs

Adding springs to the setup would mean you can carry more of those heavy hauling. The case would be much simpler if it were leaf springs, as simply putting in one more leaf into the assembly would be all that you should do. But as these new generation Dodge are considered, spring helpers are to be installed upfront with easily applied supports. A brace that reduces the amount of play has to be slipped into the spring coil without adding to any unsprung weight.

It gives your truck a lifted appearance and prevents the suspension from squatting. A hollow rubber spring can be used as an alternative as well.

Getting all your much-needed spare parts in an automobile shop can consume much of your time and energy. Instead, if you can source it from an online store, you are leaving all the headaches from package to delivery to the seller. Range of quality products can be ordered to reach your garage time-bound and without paying any commission or transport charges.

You can rely on offers and coupon discounts to get your product at the best of prices in the market. Direct purchases from reputed sellers will make sure the functionality of the product is better served. You can browse through the details of your spare part easily from the website without making a physical visit to the local shop.

All mentioned suspension parts are available at DTPROFAB which is one of the most reliable sellers of quality Dodge spare parts. Feel free to visit them to inquire about your dream upgrade.


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