Ways to upgrade The Dodge Ram Suspension

Suspensions are one of the most imperative parts of any vehicle, they act as shock absorbers. Just imagine if they are so vital in normal cars, imagine their importance in pickup trucks which sometimes have to travel on roads that aren’t made for normal vehicles.

Also, these trucks are heavy-duty and hence any subtle shock incites a great impact on the entire vehicle. One of the most well-known Pickup trucks in the automobile industry is The Dodge Ram.

The Dodge Ram 1500 is one of the most exceptional trucks rolling on the roads, because of its storage capacity, safety, and of course power for which Dodge is known. However, there are recreational drivers as well as pick-up drivers who want to upgrade their performance.

If you are an enthusiast of off-road driving taking your truck over bumpy and challenging terrain or you take your truck on construction job sites then you might want to consider upgrading your suspension.

If you are eager to upgrade The Dodge Ram 1500 then don’t worry there are a variety of products available in the market and cost-effective solutions.

However, before getting into the details of the upgrades we need to understand why do we need to upgrade its suspensions?

You can be an everyday pickup driver driving to various construction sites or you can be an off-road driver driving the vehicle on strenuous terrain every weekend. It doesn’t matter which one you are, there have been many researchers suggesting that over time the suspensions of Heavy-duty pickup trucks need to undergo an upgrade because it becomes extremely deteriorated.

What are the limitations of a standard suspension?

If you are an everyday driver just picking up your kids from school or driving to pick up some groceries from the shop then the factory-made suspension is going to work for sure because it is made for that, it has a capacity of going on for thousands of kilometers.

However, if you are a pickup driver or an off-road traveler the suspension is undergoing heavy badgering consistently which will harm its effectiveness. Hence it is vital to upgrade your suspension if you fall under this category.

Independent suspensions:

Nearly all the heavy-duty pickups have the so-called independent suspensions and the dodge ram is also no exception. However, a tricky concept in the vehicle is that the rear suspension consists of a coil spring mounted between the frame and a straight axle. This sounds awesome but has various cons which are listed below.

The Problem:

  1. Front suspension:

Like most pickups, the dodge has been designed as a luxury sedan rather than a heavy-duty off-road one. It is quite apparent that if one inclines towards luxury then the load-bearing capacity is neglected and vice versa.

The issue is that when the front end of the vehicle experiences tensions and squats the entire weight of the vehicle is shifted forward leading to a lack of traction on the rear tires. The excess weight on the front tires can throw off the steering wheel and eventually damage the suspension.

  1. Rear Suspension:

Now when we talk about the rear suspension the same thing happens, as the suspensions experience pressure and squat all the weight is shifted backward leading to a shift in the balance of the vehicle.

It again shakes off the traction on the front tires which impacts the steering ability. Also, too much weight on the back suspension can cause instability such as roll and sway.

What are the ways of upgrading Ram’s suspension?

  • Heavy-duty coil springs: Powerful suspension up-gradation.

The heavy-duty coil springs suspension upgrade is a good choice for a truck that undertakes to carry agricultural equipment, soil feeds, and other materials. It is a good upgrade for vehicles engaged in agricultural transport.

These suspensions are also useful for work trucks dealing with heavy loading, construction sites jobs, road maintenance, landscaping, and any other heavy load industries. Therefore if you are consistently dealing with heavy loads, changing the suspension to a Heavy-duty coil spring should be a good idea.

  • Super springs For the Dodge Ram truck

Super springs are a quite intriguing and unique product that sits over the factory-loaded springs of the truck and are engaged only when the primary springs reach their capacity while carrying the load.

This allows the driver to drive care-free when driving without any load as with the heavy-duty spring there’s a drawback of stiffening when driving without load. The benefits are quite amusing as the driver has the advantage of improved handling, hauling, and towing at maximum capacity while enjoying a smooth ride with no swaying, squatting, or hopping.

For the Dodge Ram, there are two main options to select a super spring which depend on the model year. For the models made from 1972 to 2001 regular load super springs weighing 950lbs are used and heavy-duty springs weighing 1500lbs on the other hand for models from 2002 to 2008 regular load super springs weighing 900lbs are used and heavy-duty weighing 1300lbs. are used.

  • Bilstein shock Kits:

It is not a surprise that using a Bilstein shock kit enhancing the suspension quality of your Dodge Ram has to be a no-brainer. The manufacturer has a great reputation on the international market as their shocks not only provide unparalleled performance but are also known for their durability, which means you can take your vehicle on any kind of terrain or with heavy loads.

  • Leaf springs for the Dodge Ram:

Installing a leaf spring in the Dodge Ram allows you to haul heavy loads in the truck bed by enhancing the load-carrying capacity of the truck. They also make it possible to lift your truck as per the needs of the terrain. The larger the carrying capacity of the truck needs larger leaf springs to support the truck to carry the load.

Apart from the load, the model year of the Ram is also vital as it is in the market since 1972, the leaf springs fit has changed significantly over time, and hence upgrading it is a vital component.


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